Curating the North

Who owns and mediates ”North” in the current ”scramble” for the Arctic?

The North has long been a place both imaged and imagined by insiders and outsiders alike.
Advocating perspectives, ownership and storytelling from, by and in the North, we adopt an expanded understanding of ”curation” to probe the competing in uences at play in today’s renewed ”scramble” for the Arctic.

Host: Northern Norway Art Museum


Moderator: Jérémie Michael McGowan
Director, Northern Norway Art Museum (NO)
Rickard Borgström
Project Manager & Curator, Nuuk Nordic cultural festival (GL)
Marja Helander
Visual artist and lmmaker (Sápmi/FI)
Andreas Hoffmann
Artistic Director, Arctic Culture Lab (NO)
Christine Lalonde
Curator, National Gallery of Canada (CA)
Sonya Kelliher-Combs
Visual artist (US)