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Monica Ell-Kanayuk – Minister of Economic Development and Transportation, Nunavut (CA)

Arctic talks: Experience, visions and ideas: Monica Ell-Kanayuk, Minister of Economic Development and Transportation, Nunavut Arctic Arts Summit 2017 is the first ever summit and conference where all eight Arctic countries participate to highlight circumpolar arts and culture. The Arctic Arts Summit will serve as a catalyst for new knowledge and perspectives on high north […]

The EU and the Arctic: A place for culture?

A look into EU strategies and ongoing culture projects. Contributors: Helen Campbell Ambassador of the European Union to Norway Hilde Methi Curator, Changing Weathers, Dark Ecology Ole J. Furset Director, Sør-Troms Museum, Follow the Vikings Thea Breivik Creative Europe Desk Norway – Arts Council Norway

The contribution of cultural industries in Nunavut economy

The Arts and Cultural Industries sector of Nunavut, Canada is one of the territory’s most important economic contributors, it creates more than 1000 full time jobs and more than 3000 people earn some income annually from arts sales. Combined, this is more than 10% pf Nunavut’s population. This makes Nunavut a unique example in the […]

Shaping and making of cultural policy in the Arctic: Governance and knowledge of indigenous cultures

What are the similarities and differencies between the cultural politics in the Arctic region? The role of culture/cultural institutions when big issues are at stake? Contributors: Marit Anne Hauan Director, Tromsø Museum Else-Grete Broderstad Professor, UIT – The Arctic University of Norway Karoline Trollvik Director, Riddu Riddu Festivala Vibeke Larsen President, Sami Parliament of Norway […]

Subsistence: What is the value of thinking about an essential Arctic, and how might this impact our understanding of the region today?

Members of the Subsistence exhibition project share insights from their engagement with the Arctic – its peoples, landscapes, materialities, past histories and future trajectories. We argue for the enduring complexity of northern communities, and for an essential Arctic shaped by the interdependency of insider and outsider in uences. Contributors: Julie Decker Director, Anchorage Museum Graham […]

Arctic Indigenous cultural exchanges in an international context

This panel will explore issues of commonality between Indigenous artists from the Arctic. Artists will discuss their personal experiences collaborating with other Indigenous artists in an international context. How is the shared histories of colonialism and resistance, how is Indigenous nationalism in a global contex he. Power of Indigenous cultural exchange and knowledge transmi al […]

Development of art projects in the Arctic

How can art councils and culture agencies contribute to policymaking, development of projects and funding? Arts councils and culture agencies play a signi cant role in funding culture projects. The purpose of the workshop is to see what does the arts councils and culture agencies do in the Arctic region and which possibilities are there. […]