Contemporary indigenous art

What is indigenous art today? What is cultural appropriation and what are the genuine indigenous expressions – who decides?

Host: Riddu Riddu Festival


Moderator: Katya-Garcia Antón
Director, Office for Contemporary Art Norway (NO)

Moderator: Karoline Trollvik
Director, Riddu Riddu Festivala (Sápmi/NO)

Tone Hansen
Chair of the board, Council of Culture, Director of Henie Onstad (NO)

Maria Huhmarniemi
Chairperson, Artists ́ Association of Lapland (FI)

Heather Igloliorte
Assistant Professor in Aboriginal Art History, Concordia University, Montreal (CA)

Máret Ánne Sara
Artist, Dáidadállu (Sápmi/NO)

Bernadette Driscoll
Researcher, Arctic Studies Center, Smithsonian (US)