Final statement from the first Arctic Arts Summit

We, the participants at the first Arctic Arts Summit, held in Harstad, Norway on June 21 – 22, 2017

Underscore the significance of culture in the discourse about and sustainable development of viable communities and regions in the circumpolar North.

Underscore the importance of the inclusion and active participation of the peoples of the North; especially the Indigenous peoples, and children and youth, to the development of policies and programs that relate to cultural development.

Encourage the creation of more interrelated programming between culture, tourism, and other sectors, including through the use of new technologies, in order to maximize the contributions of culture to social and economic development in local communities.

Encourage the development of the exchange of artists and expertise through networks in the Circumpolar North and the development of cultural infrastructure in all eight countries.

Encourage closer communication and exploration of potential collaboration amongst the arts funding organizations of all eight countries.

Thank the Government of Norway and the Arctic Arts Festival for hosting the first Arctic Arts Summit and for their warm welcome, and encourage the countries of the Arctic Region, in collaboration with local communities and people in the region, to organize regular arts summits.