The EU and the Arctic: A place for culture?

A look into EU strategies and ongoing culture projects.


Helen Campbell
Ambassador of the European Union to Norway

Hilde Methi
Curator, Changing Weathers, Dark Ecology

Ole J. Furset
Director, Sør-Troms Museum, Follow the Vikings

Thea Breivik
Creative Europe Desk Norway – Arts Council Norway

Arctic Indigenous cultural exchanges in an international context

This panel will explore issues of commonality between Indigenous artists from the Arctic. Artists will discuss their personal experiences collaborating with other Indigenous artists in an international context. How is the shared histories of colonialism and resistance, how is Indigenous nationalism in a global contex he. Power of Indigenous cultural exchange and knowledge transmi al and thay will also talk about Artists will have the opportunity to re ect on their past experiences, as well as posit potential future collaborative exchanges.


Heather Igloliorte
Assistant Professor in Aboriginal Art History, Concordia University, Montreal

Laakkuluk Wlliamson Bathory
Uaajeerneq artist

Michelle Olson
Artistic Director, Raven Spirit Dance

Anne Lajla Utsi
Managing Director, International Sami Film Institute

Development of art projects in the Arctic

How can art councils and culture agencies contribute to policymaking, development of projects and funding? Arts councils and culture agencies play a signi cant role in funding culture projects. The purpose of the workshop is to see what does the arts councils and culture agencies do in the Arctic region and which possibilities are there. Is there a greater picture? What do the arts councils and culture agencies promote circumpolar cultural cooperation in the Arctic?

Moderator: Kristin Danielsen
Director General, Arts Council Norway (NO)
Staffan Forsell
Director General, Swedish Art Council (SE)
Steven Loft
Director, Canada Council for the Arts (CA)
Ragnheidur H. Þórarinsdóttir
Head of Division, Ministry of Science, Education and Science Iceland (IS)
Esa Rantonen
Head of Arts Support, Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) (FI)
Eva Maria Hakola
Head of Development, Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) (FI)

Barents cooperation

For more than twenty years, the neighboring countries of the Barents region, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway have been cooperating extensively, also in the eld of culture. What is their story of success and how does cooperation proceed facing Arctic changes?


Host: The International Barents Secretariat


Moderator: Tomas Hallberg
Director, The International Barents Secretariat (SE)

Margrethe Alnes
Grant programme coordinator, the Norwegian Barents Secretariat (NO)

Cultural circumpolar connections

As the world of international relations seems to become increasingly unstable and unpredictable, the Arctic stands out as a place of dialogue and peaceful collaboration across the borders. What role do international institutions such as the Arctic Council and Arctic Economic Council have in this picture? And what about science and cultural collaboration across borders? The Arctic Arts Summit brings people together across the Arctic borders. How do such gatherings, conference and cultural events e ect the devolopment of the Arctic region? This session will explore the role of so diplomacy and cultural relations in the Arctic.

Host: Arctic Frontiers


Moderator: Ole Øvretveit
Director, Arctic Frontiers (NO)

Anu Fredrikson
Director, Arctic Economic Council (FI)

Magnus Johannesson
Director of the Arctic Council Secretariat (IS)

Julie Decker
Director, Anchorage Museum (US)

Nauja Bianco
Arctic Advisor, Nordic Council of Ministers (GL)

Ethan Berkowitz
Mayor, Municipality of Anchorage (US)