Subsistence: What is the value of thinking about an essential Arctic, and how might this impact our understanding of the region today?

Members of the Subsistence exhibition project share insights from their engagement with the Arctic – its peoples, landscapes, materialities, past histories and future trajectories. We argue for the enduring complexity of northern communities, and for an essential Arctic shaped by the interdependency of insider and outsider in uences.


Julie Decker
Director, Anchorage Museum

Graham Hogg
Partner and co-founder, Lateral North

Allison Akootchook Warden
Performance artist

Brian Adams

Sonya Kelliher-Combs
Visual artist

Marek Ranis
Visual artist

UArctic World Ensemble: Creating a contemporary circumpolar musical expression

Creating a contemporary circumpolar musical tradition based on arctic-ethnic musical expressions.

Fred Glesnes
Leader, UArctic World Ensemble (NO)

Tom Gordon
Professor emeritus, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Ragnar Rasmussen
Professor, UIT – The Arctic University of Norway

Redefining the Arctic culture: Russian perspectives

The Arctic is being de ned and re-defined within the frameworks of industrialisation, securitisation and urbanisation.
During the session, we will travel between two emblematic Russian Arctic cities of Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula and Norilsk on the Taimyr Peninsula – delving into their current cultural strategies and futuristic visions. We will check the pulse of the northern cultural capital St. Petersburg and immerse into the depths of the Yakutian singing style, Toyuk.

Host: Pikene på Broen


Moderator: Luba Kuzovnikova
Artistic Directore, Pikene på broen (RU)

Natalia Fedyanina
Director, Norilsk Museum (RU)

Anton Shamshin
Music producer, Murmansk (RU)

Vassily Pankratov
Director of Gatchina Museum-Reserve (RU)

Stepanida Borisova
Actress and ethno-singer, Director of the Yakut Theater Olonkho, Honoured Artist of Russia (RU)

Alexey Platonov ( film-maker) and Francesco Sebregondi (architect)
from the postgraduate education programme of Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design “The New Normal” (RU)

Contemporary indigenous art

What is indigenous art today? What is cultural appropriation and what are the genuine indigenous expressions – who decides?

Host: Riddu Riddu Festival


Moderator: Katya-Garcia Antón
Director, Office for Contemporary Art Norway (NO)

Moderator: Karoline Trollvik
Director, Riddu Riddu Festivala (Sápmi/NO)

Tone Hansen
Chair of the board, Council of Culture, Director of Henie Onstad (NO)

Maria Huhmarniemi
Chairperson, Artists ́ Association of Lapland (FI)

Heather Igloliorte
Assistant Professor in Aboriginal Art History, Concordia University, Montreal (CA)

Máret Ánne Sara
Artist, Dáidadállu (Sápmi/NO)

Bernadette Driscoll
Researcher, Arctic Studies Center, Smithsonian (US)

Curating the North

Who owns and mediates ”North” in the current ”scramble” for the Arctic?

The North has long been a place both imaged and imagined by insiders and outsiders alike.
Advocating perspectives, ownership and storytelling from, by and in the North, we adopt an expanded understanding of ”curation” to probe the competing in uences at play in today’s renewed ”scramble” for the Arctic.

Host: Northern Norway Art Museum


Moderator: Jérémie Michael McGowan
Director, Northern Norway Art Museum (NO)
Rickard Borgström
Project Manager & Curator, Nuuk Nordic cultural festival (GL)
Marja Helander
Visual artist and lmmaker (Sápmi/FI)
Andreas Hoffmann
Artistic Director, Arctic Culture Lab (NO)
Christine Lalonde
Curator, National Gallery of Canada (CA)
Sonya Kelliher-Combs
Visual artist (US)