Shaping and making of cultural policy in the Arctic: Governance and knowledge of indigenous cultures

What are the similarities and differencies between the cultural politics in the Arctic region? The role of culture/cultural institutions when big issues are at stake?


Marit Anne Hauan
Director, Tromsø Museum

Else-Grete Broderstad
Professor, UIT – The Arctic University of Norway

Karoline Trollvik
Director, Riddu Riddu Festivala

Vibeke Larsen
President, Sami Parliament of Norway

Aili Keskitalo
Member, Sami Parliament of Norway

Janike Kampvold Larsen
Associate Professor, Institute of Urbanism and Landscape, The Oslo school of Architecture and Design

Steven Loft
Director, Creating knowing and sharing: The Arts and Cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples, Canada Council for the Arts

Nina Björby
Chairman of the Culture Commitee, Västerbotten Region

Neeta Jääskö
Head of language department, Sámediggi

Mara Kimmel
Intrapreneur, educator and researcher Institute of the North

Nordic cooperation: What do we need to know to improve the conditions for arts and cultural participation?

The Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis, Kulturanalys Norden, invite to a discussion about the conditions for creating and sustaining a strong art sector and a broad cultural participation north of the circumpolar.

At first the Nordic Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis, Kulturanalys Norden, presents its current work with establishing a knowledge centre for Nordic cultural policy. Results from a recent study on cultural participation in sparsely populated areas and populous areas in Sweden, will be presented, and serve as a point of departure for a conversation between arctic arts expertsaboutissuessuchas: What are the different conditions for the arts in sparsely populated areas versus in populous areas? What knowledge do we need in order to strengthen the arts and the cultural participation north of the circumpolar? When we address regional di erences in the cultural participation, what do we need to consider from the Arctic?

Host: Nordic Council of Ministers and Kulturanalys Norden


Moderator: Karolina Windell
Director, Kulturanalys Norden

Maria Utsi
Director, Festspillene i Nord-Norge

Mats Bjerde
Director, Napa, Nordic Insitute in Greenland

Susanne Jonsson
Director, Filmpool Nord

Artistic education, research and practice in the Arctic

Host: University of Lapland


Timo Jokela
Dean, professor, Faculty of Art and Design, University of Lapland. Leader of the Thematic network on Arctic Sustainable Art & Design, University of Arctic (FI)

Gunvor Guttorm
Rector, Sami University of Applied Sciences (NO)

Mirja Hiltunen
Professor, University of Lapland (FI)